For manufacturers by manufacturers!
National furniture manufacturers around the globe face the same resumed challenges:
Lower product price point, higher work hour rates, imported imitations, to name a few.

We build our products with you in mind!
Desired design, patented, customizable & free of service calls
We want you to take the lead of your own field 

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Meller Tech Genesis

The Genesis system is sold as a complete kit for distributors and manufacturers.
Some long aluminum extrusion materials are ordered by the manufacturer according to our technical drawings.

  • Simple & cost effective - the tracks are simple extruded alloy like any hung door closet! || No complicated installation of coplanar mechanisms = very short installations || Manufacturing of two doors is less than an hour || Cost of manufacturing is a fraction of any other coplanar system 
  • Biggger, Smoother & Durable - Every door can be up-to 100kg when using our HD (heavy duty) version. || Doors are completely interchangeable. NO Need to close one door before opening the other || Smooth and easy operation that is effortless even for young children || So very durable - No system related service calls in 3 years!!!
  • Easy, Fast & Elegant - Manufacturing is done using simple hand-held power tools || Installation is as simple as a top hung door & takes minutes || Adjusting is easy with 4 points from behind the door in minutes || Extreme elegance by being handle-free and gaps to walls are less than 2cm from all directions
  • Fully customizable & Universal - Using the Genesis Kit and 4 aluminum extrusions – any size closet doors can be manufactured within the (very wide) limits. || The patented Genesis system kit is universal and with professional instruction, every closet manufacturer can now offer the best looking closet door system. || As long as the manufacturer has kits & extruded profiles – he can make the largest door sizes in the industry without costly delays || whether it’s 4mm glass or 17mm light MDF, the door profile is built for both.

Meller Tech Genesis

Genesis - one kit for many doors
Our sliding door system has successfully solved every issue and challenge that existing coplanar door systems have been facing for years. Our high- tech coplanar system is surpassing all expectations, both clients and installers are amazed by its simplicity and sophistication.
Almost any door size can be manufactured (beginning at 60cm wide) without pre-set sizes.
Our one-of-a-kind spiral activation mechanism which propels the extracting door, utilizes very little physical effort, and creates a smooth movement that enables it to clear the stationary door and the two doors are completely interchangeable. 

Genesis Features


The same kit can be used with any size door and material, no more waste due to custom fitting of standard hardware inventory. The installers have a very easy time completing the installation in a fraction of the time it used to take. The adjustment of the doors is straight forward and executed on the door itself

Fast & simple manufacturing

Build doors fast by a single worker, equipped with simple tools. No need for custom machinery or long training, fit for almost any closetcarcass. Average build time for 2 doors is less than 1 hour.

Built-in TV capability

One of a handful of coplanar systems that enable a built-in LED TV to be installed on the stationary door.

Countless possibilities

We offer the ability to use a variety of door materials, in almost any size (approx. 3m wide & 3.5m high – max, with the HD system), which enables countless interior design options.


The Doors not only close flush to a single plane, but they also have the ability to interchange completely once open (no need to close one door in order to open the other).


Our Heavy Duty kit can be used to carry door weights as high as 120kg each!

Tighter fitting

With all components completely concealed behind the closet doors, there is no need for reaching the mechanism from above, therefore the closet and doors can be installed less than 2cm from the ceiling!


Members of the Company's management

Liel Ashkenazi


Mr. Ashkenazi is an industrial Engineer, a business owner (furniture) and is an off-road enthusiast. When he finds time away from his family and business he likes to renovate and rebuild off-road jeeps and rides mountain-bikes. In his 20+ years as a high level business consultant he was always fascinated with the world of furniture and has used his talents to improve upon the products he manufactures and sells.
His knowledge in both mechanics and manufacturing processes are what warranted him becoming the head engineer of ‘Meller Tech’.
The Genesis system has gone through his unique process of improving efficiency and ease of use that is considerably fortunate for both the manufacturer and the end user of the system. 

Rubi Hen


Mr. Hen is a 2nd generation Furniture manufacturer and distributor. He is the owner of several brands and stores, and is considered by his peers to be extremely accomplished, especially at his young age (mid 30’s). His Design background has influenced every aspect of his business and the results were soon to follow. Some of his brands have been franchised and recently he has founded ‘Meller Technology’ along with Mr. Ashkenazi and Mr. Harrari, to manufacture and sell cutting edge furniture hardware internationaly. Mr. Hen’s style of “golden-touch” is a must have in any new business endeavor, and the hardware industry will have to make room for a new contender in the field of sliding doors! ‘Take the Lead’ is more than just a slogan. It’s an inevitable prediction. 

Mordechai Harari


Mr. Harari has been inventing sliding door systems for the past 40 years and his inventions have been influencing some of the industry’s top companies in Israel for over two decades. His 2006 Coplanar hardware system has been recognized by the international scene in 2014 when a few coplanar closets were showcased at Nashville TN, at a hotel industry convention that showcased hotel room designers from all over the world. At that convention his closets won the vote of the attendees (visitors choice) for “best new technology” award by hotel owners and top industry designers. He currently continues his R&D efforts through his business that manufactures sliding door closets in Israel. He has yet to have a malfunction or a complaint in the years that he has been using the Genesis system in his industry leading closets. 


Katerina Manilov


Stella Birger


Oren Peles

Interzum Cologne, Germany

'Meller Technology Ltd' is exited to present its innovative coplanar system patent for the first time at Interzum,
Cologne 21-25 May 2019 (Hall 3.2, Stand A009) a worldwide premiere!

Interzum Cologne, Germany 21-25 / 5 2019


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